Distribute & Grow

The Vestmark Manager Marketplace makes it easy to deliver your strategies to advisers, broker dealers, and banks without worrying about contract negotiation, invoicing, and fee collection. With one contract, we streamline and accelerate the distribution of your intellectual capital while providing you enhanced insight into how it is being deployed.

Easily Distribute & ManageYour Intellectual Capital

Improve your time to market and reach potential sponsors with VMM’s single sub-advisory contract. Then use VMM’s intuitive portal to upload your strategies as models or manage separate accounts.

Trust Our Data

The Vestmark technology platform uses a single source of data across all sponsors and programs. This means improved accuracy everywhere your content is delivered. We observe industry best practices and are committed to preserving your data integrity.

Simplify Revenue Collection

The Vestmark Manager Marketplace streamlines invoicing, payment collection, and remittance. All of this is accomplished through a single sub-advisory agreement that streamlines invoicing and payment processing for faster revenue collection.

Track Your Models

VMM’s toolset provides daily transparency and insight into which sponsors are deploying your strategies, and how effectively.

Discretionary / SMA

You can also directly manage assets with Vestmark’s powerful trading tools, compliance controls, and sleeve-level accounting. Our technology enables you to manage assets according to mandate, rebalance when drift occurs, report composite performance, and gain access to a broad custodian and brokerage network.

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