The Vestmark Manager Marketplace (VMM) handles operational due diligence, manager negotiation and contracting, fee calculation, and payment. Using a single access point and one sub-advisory contract, VMM provides access to a wide range of investment strategies that are vetted and ready to deploy, enabling you to spend more time winning new business, strengthening existing client relationships, and developing the right mix of investment programs.

Improve your value proposition

Select the managers you need to construct the right portfolios for your investors in less time.  The VMM streamlines and simplifies the process of manager implementation so that you can spend more time on revenue-generating activities.

Enhance your portfolio oversight and management 

Efficiently manage your clients’ portfolios against selected strategies with VestmarkONE.  Vestmark’s technology platform enables you to remain in compliance with your investor objectives, pinpointing accounts that are drifting out of parameters. VestmarkONE ensures that your underlying data is reconciled and delivered daily for complete accuracy, and its intuitive data visualization allows you to easily oversee all of your accounts and locate any outliers.

Lower your operational overhead 

Once you have selected the managers and strategies that you would like to deploy, the VMM takes care of calculating fees owed to asset managers and provides you with a single invoice—we handle paying and reporting with asset managers.

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