We understand the distinct challenges that sponsors face when undergoing the manager selection process. We also understand the distribution challenges that managers face when administering and overseeing multiple contracts and collecting payment from many sponsors. This is why we created the Vestmark Manager Marketplace (VMM). VMM is an efficient hub connecting sponsors to a wide range of asset managers and their strategies.

What is the Vestmark Manager Marketplace (VMM)?

Our service removes the friction from manager selection, model implementation, and operational due diligence, freeing sponsors to focus on growing their businesses and enabling managers to efficiently distribute their intellectual capital.

More about Vestmark

VMM is operated by Vestmark Advisory Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vestmark Inc. Vestmark is the premier technology provider for comprehensive unified wealth solutions utilized by financial advisors and institutions. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the delivery of our solutions and services. This is why our clients trust us to help them expand their business, why we have retained all of our relationships over the last 5 years, and why our platform manages 1.5 million accounts with a collective 500 billion in assets under management. Our award-winning platform VestmarkONE® is a critical part of our clients’ technology infrastructure, helping them scale to gather more assets, increase operating efficiency, and minimize risk.

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