Asset Managers

The Vestmark Manager Marketplace makes it easy for you to grow the distribution of your strategies—model portfolios and separate account management—without worrying about contract negotiation, billing, and fee collection. With one contract, we facilitate distribution of your intellectual capital and provide complete transparency into how it is being deployed.

Streamline the delivery of your strategies

Our single delivery point enables you to offer your strategies into Unified Managed Accounts, Separately Managed Accounts, Mutual Fund or ETF Wrap, and other advisory programs, regardless of whether or not your clients are current Vestmark (VMM) clients. 

Efficiently manage your assets

With VMM’s separate account management service, you can directly manage your assets using Vestmark’s powerful trading tools.  Using our platform, you can tightly manage your models according to mandate, appropriately rebalance when excessive drift occurs, efficiently reconcile custodial positions and transactions, report strategy performance and commentary, and broad custodian and brokerage network..  You can also participate in model rotation to ensure all of your investors are equitably treated.

Enhance your controls and ensure investment compliance 

Vestmark uses a single source of data across all sponsors and programs, ensuring data consistency and accuracy across the spectrum of sponsors and programs.  Managers and sponsors can also easily spot and intercept compliance breaks with our robust rules-based compliance engine that triggers alerts when breaches occur.

Grow your revenue faster

Don’t worry about chasing payment for usage of your intellectual capital; let our service take care of that for you. With a single sub-advisory agreement, we streamline sponsor invoicing and efficiently process your payments to give you faster revenue recognition.

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